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10-year-old Mika is different: he loves mathematics, he only ever tells the truth, and he notices things other people miss. Although he isn't so good with people, he really would like some friends. One night he hears a neighing - and discovers that there‘s a horse on the balcony of the next apartment. The horse belongs to Sascha, who‘s in big trouble. Mika spends all his spare time with the stallion, and the first time he sits on the animal‘s back he is completely transformed. His friend Dana, who likes to claim she is an Indian princess, decides to help Mika find a new home for the racehorse. But this means rescuing the horse not only from the slaughterhouse but also from two gangsters who are owed money by Sascha.

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Cross your heart and hope to die! Can you honestly swear that at least once in your life you have not thought that robbing a bank is a good idea? Especially, if you’re five years old and that bank has just thrown your parents out of a brand new apartment, because your father has lost his job.

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“You’re dead rotten! You don’t care about me!” Karo yells into her walkie-talkie. She is addressing the Lord God, who has allowed her parents to split up. A grumpy voice answers Karo. Is this God? It seems that way at first, but when Karo meets him face to face, she isn‘t sure. Does the Almighty look so shabby? And why does he want to stop her from bothering him? But Karo persists and soon persuades him to help her hatch with various schemes to reunite her parents. They have some great ideas – but things don‘t quite work out according to plan. Still, life comes to look pretty fine again…

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12-year-old Marie, a lively and quick-witted girl, has a very unusual relationship with the house where she and her extended family live. It talks to her – and it reacts like a human being. Marie’s Granny, who has dreamt for years of helping humanity with inventions that benefit the environment, falls victim to a devious con man and will now be forced to sell the house. So Marie, with the help of her friends Konrad and Stefan, decide to do whatever it takes in order to save the villa.

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